Global Exploration Services Limited is a UK-based leading consulting
team focused on frontier basin evaluation and on providing technical
advice and support to oil and gas exploration ventures world-wide.

Established in 2000, GES has, through its Directors and internationally
recognized Associates, a combined oil industry experience extending
over 100 petroleum basins. Ray Bate, Andy Carr, Tony Henshaw and Enzo Zappaterra bring proven oil company and consulting company expertise to help clients attain a competitive advantage.

Over the past years, GES has provided proprietary and non-exclusive
reports on regions of active exploration interest; advised clients on
exploration opportunities; assisted in the promotion of license rounds -
through initial research and report data presentation; has undertaken
seismic interpretation, basin modeling and stratigraphic/biostratigraphic
studies in a number of prospective regions.

GES offers a unique basin modeling package (PresRo®) that has been
recognised by the petroleum industry as providing a definitive
understanding of the hydrocarbon potential of an exploration region.

Through its affiliated company Lacustrine Basin Research Ltd, GES
specializes in the dating and interpretation of non-marine (lacustrine)
rocks over varied petroleum provinces: Brazil, West Africa, Central
Africa, China and Mongolia.

Through its affiliated company Advanced Geochemical Systems Ltd, GES undertakes petroleum geochemical and petroleum system modelling studies on many basins around the world. We are partners in a fundamental research project at Nottingham University UK which has proved that the current kinetic models used by geochemists to model hydrocarbon generation in geological basins cannot be used for this purpose, and need to be replaced by models that obey thermodynamic as well as kinetic laws, e.g. PresRo®.


European and UK companies (and/or their representatives) are now allowed to work in Iran. Upon due diligence, receiving clearance from the competent authority in the UK, Global Exploration Services (GES) is able to assist any  International E&P Company to navigate the bureaucracy in the Oil & Gas upstream business in Iran.

For more details, please email Dr. Ray Bate ( or Dr. Enzo Zappaterra (, or telephone
+44 (0)1444-459-223.



  • Non-exclusive data plus 20 years experience available for North, West and East Africa and Mozambique.

  • Unrivaled experience in West Africa, especially Angola and Cabinda.

  • Current onshore Angola licence round review experience available on purchased data.

  • Proprietary well analyses provided for both biostratigraphy and geochemistry - multi-well field appraisals undertaken.

  • Detailed working knowledge of the offshore Ghana, its geology and active petroleum systems.

  • Expert knowledge of the Post and Pre-Salt depositional systems from Gabon through  Angola. Biostratigraphy, geochemistry and basin modelling.

  • Global Exploration Services Ltd and PetroServe International [CEO Fuad Jawad] in 2014 have formed a business alliance to market within the countries of Cyprus, Lebanon, Libya and Algeria.