Acreage Management

Evaluation of oil & gas properties through reservoir analysis assessment, reserves determination, farm-out reviews, work programme formulation and implementation.

New Company Support

Help a young company to build an organisation. Operate functions that new companies are unable to provide for themselves.

Assistance to Governments & National Oil Companies

Help a Provide advice and support in planning bidding rounds and follow-through. Act as a representative at international meetings and conferences.

Creation of National Oil Companies (NOCs)

Help foreign government establish or support their NOCs.

Creation of new private Oil companies

Help capital-venture Group(s) and/or Investors establish their own Oil & Gas Companies.

Advisory capacity

Help clients (the Oil companies) in the selection of Oil & Gas Equipment & Services most suitable to their Operation(s).

Technical & Legal services

To support the clients in the negotiation with other parties on disputes related to Oil & Gas.

Image Consultant

Help small/mid-size operating companies to engage in International Oil & Gas Ventures.