The following conventional geophysical services are available:

Reflection Seismic. 2D/3D workstation interpretation and mapping in regional, exploration prospect and field development contexts. Use of depth conversion, AVO/inversion, volume visualisation, etc. software packages.

Sequence stratigraphy. Integration of geological and geophysical data.

2D interpretation and mapping from paper data; particular expertise with old, incomplete mixed data-sets worldwide.

2D and 3D seismic data-processing supervision including advice/selection of processing sequences and parameters within the programmes. QC of final products. Analysis of competing contractor bids.

Advice on 2D and 3D data acquisition parameters and programme planning (including statics programmes where applicable). Analysis of competing bids from contractors.


Borehole Geophysics. Office review/re-calibration of seismic well velocity survey data. Field QC of well velocity surveys and vertical seismic profiles (VSP's).

Refraction Seismic. Interpretation and mapping of refraction data. Processing advice and QC, and acquisition planning.

Prospect Generation. Including STOOIP and reserve calculations, and Risk Assessment.

Potential Field Methods. State-of-the-art gravity and magnetic mapping using high-resolution well- and outcrop- calibrated satellite and terrestrial data. Sediment thickness and/or depth to basement maps/profiles. Thematic Mapping. Interpretation of gravity and magnetic data.

Analysis and interpretation of resistivity data.